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Miss Laura's Preschool Fun

Miss Laura's Preschool Fun


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Miss Laura's Preschool Fun!
Music! Fitness! Yoga! Story Time! There's piano too, but that's for grade 2 and up!
I offer early childhood 'mommy & me' style experiences in music, movement, fitness, yoga and literacy. My classes are interactive and buzzing with opportunities for the curious to explore! 'A Little Music in Little Me!' is perfect for children because they are born with an innate sense of musicality. Miss Laura's 'Little Athletes Fitness Class' gets the wiggles out as we run, jump & play an hour away. There are opportunities to explore and develop the large and small motor skills that are so important at this age and enhances brain development though proven, positive effects of music and movement. These classes provide a dramatic impact on language development and improving vocal and speech development through singing, chanting and call and response activities. They also help in the developing of social skills and cooperation through participation in group running, dancing and musical games. Use of timing activities develops coordination, body awareness and spatial concepts. Use of repeating patterns develops math and literacy skills. Improved listening and concentration skills. Increase of self-esteem. All these factory into better quality of life!


Month of the Military Child
Hawaiian Piano Recital
Kid Fest
Family Frolics
Family Frolics
Drum Beats
Beach Day
Marching Band
Rhythm Maker
Cottage Grove Kid Fest

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