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Member To Member Deals

New Patient Visit

New Patient Visits are one hour and include a focused history, exam, and treatment as warranted (chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, soft tissue techniques [myofascial release, cupping, scraping], rehabilitative exercises, self care education)

From golf to gardening to keeping up with your grandkids, let us help you move better to do the things you love.

$500 OFF Foundation or Concrete Project!

Get $500 off your foundation or concrete project with Concrete & Foundation Solutions, LLC. From full foundation replacements to smaller jobs such as foundation resurfacing, garage floors, corrective grading, and more, we are the experts to call if you’re experiencing problems with your foundation. Over 20 years of experience can fix your issues the right way today. Contact us for your FREE initial consultation.

Reliable From The Ground Up!

20% Off 6 Months of Coaching

20% discount on world class coaching for 6 months.

20% discount on world class coaching for 6 months.

Are you tired of being sick and tired?

Are you tired of being sick and tired? Tried every fad diet out there, lost weight but gained it all back plus some? Call the office and schedule a FREE consultation and learn what ChiroThin can do for you! All natural weight loss program. No injections, no prepackaged food, no shakes! You eat real food that you buy from the grocery store. Learn how to loose the weight and keep it off.

Body Contouring

Are you eating healthy & exercising but can't get rid of your momma belly? Don't like how your thighs look? Arm getting a little saggy? Guys, want to work on your belly & chest? Red light therapy helps shrink fat cells and firm up skin.

Red Light Therapy

New Chiropractic Patient Exam

New Patient Consultation and Exam including digital x-rays, muscles/nerve scan and 1st chiropractic adjustment. $99 ($139 value)

Chiropractic Care

Champion Meals- 50% OFF First Order

Fresh meal preparation for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

Meal Prep Made Easy